We have a limited number of VIP tickets for sale. Includes VIP seating at the main arena, VIP carparking, tank ride, a look inside a tank & TTF crew merch!

  • Arriving at the show – You will have an exclusive carparking spot closer to the main entrance and greated at our VIP fast track lane.
  • Enjoying the action of the Main Arena – You will be seated in a special VIP section of the arena enjoying a complimentary soft drink as the tanks fire and thunder around their courses.
  • Riding a Tank! – In between the arena displays you will get to ride one of the tracked military vehicles supplied by Tanks Alot*. You will also get to jump the line and not have to queue for a ride!
  • Exploring inside a Tank – During the late afternoon, you will be granted special access to the inside of a Main Battle Tank under supervision of a marshall*.
  • Exclusive Merch – Finally, you will receive an exclusive TTF mug only given to crew and military vehicle owners at the show.

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