VIP Ticket Monday the 26th


Become a VIP for the day and enjoy the following exclusive content!
  • Arriving at the show – You will have an exclusive carparking spot closer to the main entrance and greated at our VIP fast track lane.
  • Enjoying the action of the Main Arena – You will be seated in a special VIP section of the arena enjoying a complimentary soft drink as the tanks fire and thunder around their courses.
  • Riding a Tank! – In between the arena displays you will get to ride one of the tracked military vehicles supplied by Tanks Alot*. You will also get to jump the line and not have to queue for a ride!
  • Exploring inside a Tank – During the late afternoon, you will be granted special access to the inside of a tank under supervision of a marshall*.
  • Exclusive Merch – Finally, you will receive an exclusive TTF mug only given to crew and military vehicle owners at the show.

Please see below for T&C’s and FAQ’s

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Terms & Conditions:

  • When arriving at the carpark please have ready your confirmation email as proof of purchase to show the parking attendants for your VIP space
  • *Tank rides are provided by a company called Tanks Alot. We do not control which tracked military vehicle they will be providing. This maybe either be a FV432 or converted CVRT Command Vehicle based on vehicle conditions or maintenance issues at the show
  • *Your safety at the show is very important to the organisers and we minimise this through supervision by our marshals. You are obligated to follow their instructions at all times when in or near military vehicles and the show accepts no responsibility for an injuries incurred

Recieving Your Tickets:

On completing your purchase you will receive an email receipt as proof of your purchase. We do not send tickets out in the post. On arrival at the entrance, please join the fast track line for online purchases/VIP. You will need to present your email receipt (have ready on your smart phone) to staff and you will be issued your wristband to enter the show.